Consult Neurosurgeon Online

Do you need to consult a Neurosurgeon online? If your condition is not an emergency, you can certainly do so. In most cases, tele-consults can be done with a good amount of certainty.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

Online consultations or Tele-consults have come a long way in the treatment of patients, especially in post COVID-19 world. A lot of non-emergent problems can be handled via tele-consults. Surgeons are using tele-consults to follow up patients who are not able to visit due to travel restrictions or for patients who travel long distances.

Nothing can substitute a good clinical examination. But tele-consults also can be done with a reasonable accuracy by experienced doctors. If the physician is not satisfied, he will call the patient for a physical examination after the tele-consult.

How it works?

  1. Get in touch through phone or email.
  2. Schedule an appointment for video consult
  3. Send reports and medical records through email, google drive or WhatsApp
  4. Consult the doctor online at scheduled time
  5. Pay the online consult fees
  6. Get a prescription over email
Consult Neurosurgeon Online
Online Neurosurgeon Consultation

You can contact Dr. Harnarayan Singh through this page.

Online consultations can not substitute physical visit to a clinician. A clinician needs to physically examine the patient and correlate the examination findings and the investigation reports to come to a conclusion. The physical examination is not possible through online consultations. Online consultations are helpful for patients who need to visit the doctor from far flung areas, or patients who need to follow up after primary consultation or treatment. It is also beneficial for oversees patients who do not have access to super specialists. It saves upon the travel costs, time and also reduces waiting time at the clinic.

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