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Dr. Harnarayan Singh is a Neurosurgeon and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR area. He has successfully operated hundreds of complex brain and spine pathologies.

Dr. Harnarayan Singh-Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon
Video testimonial- Spine tumour surgery Dr. Harnarayan Singh

Video Testimonial of a young patient suffering from tumour in the spinal canal. Patient had a Nerve sheath tumour leading to progressive weakness in both legs and difficulty in standing or walking.

Dr. Harnarayan Singh-Best Spine surgeon in Gurgaon
Video Testimonial- Cervical fusion surgery Dr. Harnarayan Singh

A young man from Nigeria suffered from a cervical spine fracture and damage to spinal cord, leading to weakness in all muscles below neck level. A surgery was done to decompress the spinal cord and stabilisation of spine with plate and screws. After surgery and intense rehabilitation, although not completely normal, he could start rebuilding a new life.

Dr. Harnarayan Singh-Best Spine surgeon in Gurgaon
Video Testimonial- Cervical disc surgery, Cervical microdiscectomy Dr. Harnarayan Singh

Cervical disc herniations are very common. In standard surgical approaches, the disc is approached through the front of neck and requires Titanium implants. However, newer techniques involves removal of herniated disc fragments without using any implants in selected patients, preserving all neck movements. This is a patient testimonial who underwent one such successful Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

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Dr. Harnarayan Singh, Best Brain tumour surgeon in India
Video Testimonial-Meningioma surgery Dr. Harnarayan Singh

A meningioma patient narrating his story. After being diagnosed with a tumour involving the Superior Sagitta sinus, he underwent a successful surgery.

Dr. Harnarayan Singh-Lumbar disc surgery, Best Spine surgeon in Gurgaon
Video Testimonial- Lumbar Disc Surgery Dr. Harnarayan Singh

The journey of a young man experiencing severe symptoms caused by nerve compression from a herniated lumbar disc.

Read more about L5S1 Microdiscectomy. #KeyholeSpineSurgery

Kamar dard ke karan
Low back pain causes and prevention(Hindi) by Dr. Harnarayan Singh

Low back pain is very common. Twenty percent of individuals may experience back pain at some point of time. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes of low back pain, and ways to prevent or improve it.

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